Royal Spotlight

Jennifer Lopez 

The Latin bombshell, also nicknamed "J. Lo", is style goddess in a category of her own. The actress, singer, record producer, television personality and fashion designer style consistently evolves as her career elevates and transcends to unimaginable depth. J. Lo is one of the decade's top styling celebrities.

Photo Credit: Kevin Mazur

Jennifer Lopez is a fierce madam with a lavish taste. She is a versatile in her fashion style. The Bronx born celebrity stormed charts worldwide with over 25 million albums sold. With fashion designer listed on her resume, J. Lo stays in the loop on the world's style trends. She is one of my favorite fashion celebrities! 

As a mother of twins and wife of Marc Anthony, J. Lo still rocks posh and fabulous. This first-class A-list woman lives fashion in her attitude, style and career. Jenny never left the block cause Jenny now owns the block! Madam check to J. Lo for killing rep carpets around the world!

Photo Credit: Kyle Rover


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