January 7, 2012

Cut Out above the Edge

At the Spring Ready to Wear fashion shows, models showed off designers cut-out pieces for 2012. The pieces revealed a little chest here and a little abdomen there, absolutely breathtaking. Moderately baring skin is mainly the reason for fascination with cut-outs. Not to mention, cut outs are super sexy. Designers embraced the trend with amazing pieces for any bold trendsetter.

Photo Credit: Marcus Tondo

Years ago, cut outs reaped the label as unorthodox fashion. It was considered a trend for hippies or punk rockers. Well, not anymore. Designers buried the traditional fashion myths by creating pieces that represent glam and sex appeal. Ciara's brown Emilio Pucci cut out dress sparked a heat wave with cut outs on her abs, torso and chest. Madam Check! Cut outs afford you an opportunity to accentuate your assets with a taste and sophistication.

Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos

If your seeking a "look at me" trend, a cut out does the trick. Celebrities love this trend! Less is more. So, do not wear too many accessories with a cut-out dress. The dress is the statement. Become sultry by highlighting your favorite areas of skin plus let your foot work complete the mission. Be bold and brazen with a cut above the rest! 

Photo Credit: Neon Rose

Photo Credit: Courtesy BCBG

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