January 3, 2012

Femininity Tapered Tux

The antiquated resemblance of a tuxedo was formal menswear. Thank goodness for modern fashion, which shifted the tuxedo game to women. A stylist woman in a sexy tuxedo jacket is significant enough to mesmerize a ballroom. The tailored tux with a crisp button-down is quite an ensemble. Because a tux denotes a formal event, a madam must hold the keys to her kingdom if rocking out the tux look.

Tuxedo womenswear deserves a standing ovation. From celebrities such as Rihanna  to actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker, the tuxedo is gravitating to mainstream. In Sex in the City 2, Sarah Jessica Parker toughen the wedding with her Christian Dior tux. Designers craft unique details to suite female players. When your decked out in a tux, it's a necessary that you're clean as a wolf and cold as ice. No half stepping!

Photo Credit: Dita Von Teese

A crisp white shirt is pertinent with a tux. Pair with shorts, a pencil skirt or satin pants. Rachel Zoe supported the tux trend as her favorite. This look is a crossover into 2012. Fraternize with your shirt by showing a little cleavage or flossing a custom necklace. Don't forget your red alert lipstick. This is the perfect look for a formal dinner, nightlife action or a wedding. Take a bow, we acquired a masculine trend. Now, who wear the pants?!!

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Photo Credit: Style.com


  1. we looove tuxedo <3

  2. Very chic and sexy, suited for a woman of power!