January 22, 2012

Pastel Color Cupcake Shop

Breezing down the catwalks in New York, Paris, London and Milan, the Spring cupcake looks of fashion are here. Pastels breath new life and refresh your look. Soft pastel palettes will rule as the season's finest trend. The works of Louis Vuitton, Givenchy,  Valentino, and Mulberry advertised the beauty of pastel colors. The rainbow of pastels remind me of cupcakes!

Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos

Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos
Pastels arouse a soft feminine instinct and brings out the girlish side. From lilac, pinkalicious, blue ivy blue, peachy peach, lemonade lemon, to mint green, be versatile and mix&match pastel hues. For example, collaborate pinkalicious with blue ivy or a navy blue. Work pastel coordinates into your style with neutrals like camel and stone shades. 

Everyone loves cupcakes so have fun with your pastel cupcakes. A casual pastel movie night may call for pink or neutral oxfords. To entertain the likes of good company, a silver heel will compliment your pastel style. Experiment with cupcake looking bracelets and necklaces. Pamper the face lightly. Do not turn into the Easter bunny with too much eyeshadow or blush. Overall, the pastel cupcake look is truly breezy for Spring!

Photo Credit: Alessandro Viero  

Photo Credit: Yannis Vlamos

Courtesy of Foot Luxe
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