About DDJ

The World of Duchess du Jour

Duchess du Jour is an upper echelon destination blog for designers, celebrities, socialites, trendsetters and madam shoppers. The desire for a blog was carved from a business professional's passion of fashion. She is meshing into a world of eclectic styles, haute trends and social influence. 

The Duchess du Jour desires to transcend shoppers into fashion icons and style experts. Also, the company seeks to enhance trendsetters influence as a solid contributor to the world of fashion.  The blog targets an audience of influential trendsetters and shoppers. The purpose is to deliver knowledge of fashion trends, shopping destinations, spotlight styles and beauty tips.

The beetle is a unique creature and symbolizes the evolution of change just like fashion. The beetle represents the official logo of Duchess du Jour. Founded by an experienced human resource professional and MBA graduate, Veleaka BroadwaterJordan (Vbj). The Madam promotes individualization in style with etiquette and class. As a glamorized business professional, The Madam plans to launch Duchess du Jour to identify premium shoppers and offer stylist services to the world of fashion. Born and raised in the rich culture of the New Orleans area, The Madam recognizes the ever-evolving changes in fashion worldwide.